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About us

Who are
we ?

HOMA means human in esperanto.

Our vision

To provide tailor-made solutions to each investor, and to deliver performance while giving meaning to the investment.


Our commitment

HOMA CAPITAL strongly believe, along with our investors and employees, that value creation must be both sustainable and shared.


Our approach

The complementary know-how of our management team and the analytical tools we have developed allow us to provide recommendations on a wide range of financial instruments and management styles.


Our values

valeurs homa capital


valeurs engagement


valeurs amélioration


HOMA Capital

A fully-committed asset manager

HOMA CAPITAL adopts a pragmatic approach focused on improving the social factor.



“Through our research, we were able to demonstrate that value creation could be reconciled with a measurable response to social issues.”



Lionel Tangy Malca

Président d’HOMA CAPITAL